Stitch School


The Brixton Supper Cloth


Community embroidered Brixton Supper Cloth 170cm x 80cm natural linen created in Brixton Library during 16th September - 23rd September 2018 which will be exhibited in Lambeth Town Hall. ‘For the people by the people’ Funded by Cultural Seed GLA bring culture into the community, supported by Brixton Design Trail.

Over 100 participants totally to 280 hours of intense embroidery over seven days!

We are thrilled with this beautiful embroidered Supper Cloth and can’t wait to hang it in Brixton library for all to see. Thanks to everyone who invested their time and concentration into stitching , to Cultural Seeds for funding the Supper Cloth project and Brixton Design Trail for supporting it as part of London Design Week.

We met so many lovely people during the seven day residency in Brixton Library which opened its doors to all. Many participants returned enjoying working around the table, learning new skills, gaining confidence with their own creativity or just enjoying working collaboratively.

During the week long residency we observed the joy of people working together, having conversations around stitch structures, sharing knowledge or just some local chat. The Brixton Supper Cloth brought people together from all cultures, age groups and social classes with the stitching the common activity. The power of making together to create a public art for a local space gives the community a purpose, a goal and in return united pride.

We had many insightful conversations around the table and it was enriching to see the local community enjoy the making of the cloth and taking pride!

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