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Wellness through Making

‘Exploring Wellbeing Through Making’ is this year's theme for a programme of talks, workshops, demonstrations and exhibited work at Craft Central during London Craft Week.

Join Stitch-School around our Supper Cloth at Craft Central May 8th - 12th part of London Craft Week. Be part of a collaborative piece of stitch art called a ‘The Supper Cloth’. It’s an opportunity for you to sit down, slow down and feed your creativity through stitching to co-create a communal Supper Cloth in the wonderful environment of Craft Central, The Forge. You will explore a wealth of embroidery stitches, learn to create a communal supper cloth to celebrate the art of needlework. Discovering the benefits of stitching as a form of de-stressing, which encourages making as an antidote to modern life by creating a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. This event is run by Stitch School.

Presented by Stitch School, Drop-in, Free

Alongside the Supper Cloth be inspired by Celia Pym, Woman's Hour Craft Prize finalist, as she discusses her visible mending of textiles as an art and her residency at King’s College London in the opening night talk, Damage and Repair. See how jeweller Jane Sedgwick makes her bold, playful wooden jewellery as she demonstrates the traditional woodworking techniques used in her practice. Jane manages a small woodland which provides a sustainable source of sycamore for her work.

Learn from Asha Buch’s talk on Wellbeing through Ethical Practice in Textiles, a short history of the Gandhian approach to handcrafts, local and sustainable practices from India.

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